Sharonah Rapseik

Psychic, Spiritual Healer, & Intuitive Life and Business Coach

Sharonah uses tarot cards to help you find answers to your questions on relationships, romance, wellness, career, life purpose and more. Along with tarot, Sharonah shares her knowledge of Edgar Cayce remedies, crystals, and essential oils, to provide powerful options for breaking through blockages, moving forward and taking the next steps in creating a new future of your own choice, that you love–and that is alignment with the light of your soul’s purpose.

Sharonah offers readings by phone or Skype.

Once you purchase your reading, we will contact you with instructions for scheduling your session at a time convenient for you. Questions? E-mail us at or call 212-691-7690.

What Sharonah’s clients are saying:

“Sharonah Rapseik has been my “go to” psychic reader for over 10 years. She gives insightful and accurate readings every time. She listens to you with her heart and mind. In addition to her vast wisdom of tarot, she also shares with you her profound knowledge of crystals, angels, essential oils, akashic records, Edgar Cayce remedies, Reiki and much, much, more. What are you waiting for – book a session with Sharonah right now.”

—Harold David – New York, NY
“A psychic reading with Sharonah is well worth the time and money spent. I am astounded by her gifts. She was able to connect me with my angels and give me peace of mind so that I could put an end to worries about career and abundance. She also helped me plan my life goals in a more effective way. I was able to manifest the job of my dreams and find my soul mate. I highly recommend Sharonah Rapseik. She is truly a gift from the Angelic Realms.”
—Bella D. – Scarsdale, New, York