Elizabeth Tomboulian

Akashic Records Guide

In 2005, a seer told Elizabeth that she is a “Messenger of the Divine” and a healer—that she has an energy that, when people come into it, they may be healed. This rang true to Elizabeth—and led to her leaving a university publishing job to seek and know her divine, purposeful path.

That path led her to the study of Akashic Records reading with Maureen St. Germain, the developer of a world-renowned Akashic Records Guide training, and being certified as an Akashic Records Guide.

Your Akashic Records Reading with Elizabeth will provide guidance about your present life and, depending on your needs, may throw light on your past, (including past lives) and your possible futures.

A warm, compassionate guide, Elizabeth has done a great deal to develop her healing abilities since that day in 2005 when she was told about her healing energy. She has studied and been certified in Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Sound Energy Healing, and Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST). A true Renaissance woman, Elizabeth is also an accomplished jazz musician. (Learn more about Elizabeth as a musician and healer here: www.quantumstarsong.com.)

About her work with the Akashic Records, Elizabeth says, “Metaphysical studies with Maureen St. Germain have helped strengthen my Higher Self connection and expanded my consciousness, opening to higher dimensions where the Akashic Record Keepers are accessed. I’m so thrilled to be engaging with this process, as it’s connecting with Divine Love in a way that defies explanation.”

Elizabeth can do readings by phone but prefers to do them online via Zoom. If you choose, Elizabeth can make an MP3 recording of your reading for you to keep.

Once you purchase your reading, we will contact you with instructions for scheduling your session at a time convenient for you. Questions? E-mail us at info@edgarcaycenyc.org or call 212-691-7690.

What Elizabeth’s clients are saying:

“Amazing how you can feel such deep things and yet be happy. That was my message from my [Akashic Records Reading] session with Elizabeth Tomboulian ..Joy is the Path … yes it is.”

— J.C.S.
“The reading with Elizabeth Tomboulian was fantastic. If you haven’t done one yet or made an appointment with her to do so, you’ll love it. It will expand you immensely. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I am very grateful that you offered this to all of us.”
— D.M.
“My Akashic Record session with Elizabeth was insightful and filled with messages for my soul’s growth. I received some practical information around life themes and how to move beyond these with complete trust and total joy. I found Elizabeth to be a gracious person and easy to speak with. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching for answers that their soul has been seeking.”
— K.P.

“Just wanted to share that I just had a session with the gifted Elizabeth Tomboulian. We generated so much energy that we had to be adaptive in order to keep from shorting out all our devices! Elizabeth is a wonderful healer and reader. She insightfully and adeptly tapped into my Akashic Records, helping me to realize lingering sadness from a past life trauma. She brought through a sound healing/alignment that was truly out of this world! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!”

— J.K.
“I recently was privileged to work with Elizabeth Tomboulian and her gift of connecting with the Akashic Record Guides. Her channeling came through incredibly strong, solid and clear and it was a wonderful experience for both of us! I felt all of her heart and soul in her mission to help others. There was a lot of information and I was able to receive detailed answers from specific questions that I had asked. I would highly recommend Elizabeth Tomboulian because you will be blessed and more informed about your life.”
— K.B.
“Seven weeks have passed since Ms. Elizabeth Tomboulian did an Akashic Record reading reading for me. I received enough material to implement into my life for months, maybe years to come. I was encouraged in what I am doing right and in attitudes I would benefit from tweaking. Suggestions were made for manifesting my dreams and completing projects I am currently engaged in.

I had prepared questions in advance. All of these were addressed very satisfactorily. Most of my questions concerned my present life circumstances and foreseeable upcoming changes. A helpful metaphor that was given to me is ‘Relationships are like roses, having blossoms among thorns. Which ever is focused on, blossoms or thorns, grows. I am an intuitive as well, and rely mostly on myself for wisdom communication from the nonphysical helpers. Elizabeth’s reading gave me information I did not know to ask for. It really gave me a boost in my intentional development and how to direct my energy more cleanly (clarity).”

— C.M.