Elena Branagan

Psychic Readings and Mediumship

Elena’s childhood provided an ideal environment to nurture a psychic and healer. Born of Russian, Polish and Belarussian heritage, Elena grew up in Moscow, but spent summer vacations in the country with her Polish and Belarussian grandmothers. “All my grandmas were healers,” she says. They taught her about medicinal plants and sent her out to pick herbs for their healing work. And when, as a child, Elena was able to see deceased family members around her, it was accepted as part of her heritage.

One of those special people who are equally developed in both right- brain and left-brain functions, Elena completed a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at university in Moscow. In the U.S. she has taught Math for more than twenty years. But her heritage as a psychic and healer also called to her.

Elena was certified as a Bioenergy Healer and Therapist in 1993. Although naturally psychically gifted, Elena honed her skills by studying Psychic Development/Mediumship in both the U.K. and the U.S. She is certified in Psychic Skills via the A.R.E. of NY Psychic Skills Certification Course and is a certified Medium through the Santosha Holistic Center in NY. Elena is also a Shamballa and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Teacher/ Master.

Elena loves people and loves to be of help. Through her mediumship readings, she offers comfort in times of loss and grief. Her Soul Readings can help you navigate your life path.

Elena does readings via Phone, FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Once you purchase your reading, we will contact you with instructions for scheduling your session at a time convenient for you. Questions? E-mail us at info@edgarcaycenyc.org or call 212-691-7690.

What Elena’s clients are saying:

“The messages that came through tied to being open hearted and helping to heal situations through that–that other people understand when I’m coming from that place and that it can be a place of strength.
It was a surprisingly thorough reading for the time that we had and Elena was very caring throughout the conversation. I appreciated that we touched on multiple topics, and the information she shared was both helpful and meaningful.”

— Jessica F
“Every message was accurate and helpful. Elena knew about my previous challenges with my legs (hips) and about my recent shoulder injury. Great advice for healing too.
This reading was healing and also a great visit with my Dad, Mom and son. The descriptions of all three were spot on. Mom was cleaning, Dad was reading the paper and Cory said, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”…An excellent and gifted reader.”
— Melanie De Ath