Cynthia Fellowes

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor


Cynthia trained with Penelope Smith, one of the pioneers of Animal Communication and has been in private practice since 1997.

Her specialties include behavioral and emotional problems of pets, and contact with pets who have passed away (although many clients are just curious to find out what their companion animals are thinking). Cynthia works from photographs and has clients from all around the United States.

Cynthia has been featured as an Animal Communicator in articles in Newsday and The New York Daily News among other publications—and has been a guest on a variety of TV and radio programs in the U.S., the U.K. and beyond. She has taught Introductory classes on Animal Communication at The Learning Annex and the Seminar Center in New York City and has provided training for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Cynthia explains her Animal Communication work this way:

  • Because your animal companion is so grateful to be heard, cooperation and compromise is possible. A session can assist you in:
  • Understanding your animal’s point of view by learning why your pet is exhibiting certain behavior.
  • Developing a better rapport with your animal companion.
  • Resolving unfinished business.


Zoom & Telephone Consultations with Animals Living and Deceased

Using my sixth sense and intuitive skills, I pick up the actual thoughts and emotions of the animals. This information comes to me through pictures, words or physical sensations. I do not diagnose ailments, but can sometimes feel the pain or other symptoms in my own body. If this happens, I will relay this to the pet owner who can take the animal to a vet for actual diagnosis and treatment of the physical problem.


I ask the client to email me a photo of the pet or pets that will be involved in the session and specific questions they would like to have answered. I will sit with the photograph(s) of the animal(s) for 10-15 minutes prior to the phone call.

I use the picture as a focal point, while I internally ask the questions and write down the information I receive. During our phone call, if there is time, I will ask additional questions of the animal. This way a three-way conversation ensues – the client lets me know what to ask, I connect with the animal and relay this information to the client. I take notes during the session and give a copy to the client.


Cynthia studied with Stephen Robinson and was certified as a Psychic Medium/Intuitive Counselor in 2020 through the Holistic Studies Institute. Her specialties include psychometry and psychic mediumship.

Cynthia had her first psychic experience as a child and her abilities developed very quickly and steadily. She chose to work with animals in 1997 and was trained in that capacity—however in 2019 and 2020 she decided she wanted to extend her gift toward people also.


Using a photograph (emailed in advance) while the client holds the object, Cynthia can access information that will assist the client with whatever is needed in the session.

Psychic Mediumship:

Creating a safe and quiet space, Cynthia will call upon your deceased loved ones and guides and facilitate a loving and protected space for messages and insights.

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What Cynthia’s clients are saying:

Becoming a Family

In-Person Session

“Our family adopted brother and sister kittens who we named Megabyte and Analogue. Megabyte, from the beginning, had enormous confidence and was extremely loving and social. Analogue, on the other hand, was completely feral and would not let us touch or hold her. A friend recommended that we reach out to Cynthia to help.

“When Cynthia walked into our living room, Analogue immediately came out of hiding, sat up at attention, and looked at her. This, in itself, was phenomenal, because Analogue had always hidden from people. Cynthia asked to be alone with her for a while. When she was done, she told us that Analogue did not understand what she was doing at our apartment, that she did not know it was home, and that she thought we were going to hurt her. She also told us that Analogue did not like her name (it was not feminine enough), wanted to be told that she was a pretty kitty, and that she wanted a soft cat bed.

“We changed her name to Annie and got her a cat bed that we put next to our couch. She immediately made the cat bed her own (somehow Megabyte understood it was hers and never sat in it). While she was in the cat bed she felt safe and we slowly acclimated her to being petted. Eventually she came up on the couch to be with us, and is now the most affectionate, loving, and sometimes even demanding cat that I have ever known. Her purrs are so loud and powerful that it is impossible not to feel how deep the love and bonding is between us.“

The meeting with Cynthia was the turning point. I have no idea how we could have developed the relationship that we now have with our lovely Annie if it had not been for her!”

—–John Powell, His Family and Two Kittens – Megabyte and Analogue

Contacting a Beloved Pet After Death

Telephone Session

(Toni Dean hired Cynthia to contact her female apricot toy poodle Coco, who had recently been killed by another dog right in front of her.)

“The communication with Coco was like an eye opener and a spiritual awakening, an epiphany, and from that I continued on my own. It opened up my sense of the Divine and my belief in the afterlife which wasn’t there before. And since then, it has brought some closure with my grandmother’s death because since I believe in the afterlife, it has also helped bring peace with other loved one’s deaths.”

—Toni Dean and her female, apricot Toy Poodle 'Coco'

Communicating a Need to a Pet

Telephone Sessions

“Working with Cynthia has helped me understand my cats’ needs and their way of seeing the world better, and has helped solve some problems that would have been very difficult without her help.”

Cynthia explains: I have worked with A.C. and her cats Celeste and Sylvester on numerous occasions and the most recent session was on July 31st of this year. At that time, A.C. contacted me because her cat Celeste was bringing home ‘gifts’ of animals that she had either killed or injured, in particular a mouse and a squirrel. While communicating to Celeste that A.C. was unhappy with the ‘gifts’ Celeste said that she was confused and told me, ‘What about rats? Shouldn’t I kill them?; I thought she wanted me to kill them! That’s what she says.” When I relayed this message to A.C., she laughed and said that that very morning a friend of hers had said to Celeste, “You can kill rats, but only rats.” A.C. asked me to communicate to Celeste that she can only kill animals that were going to die anyway, due to illness or an accident, and that she can kill bugs.

According to A.C., as of September 7th Celeste had not brought home anymore ‘gifts’ since our session on the 31st of July!

—A.C., M.D. and her two cats 'Celeste & Sylvester'

Stepcat Adjustments and Healing of Inappropriate Urination

Telephone Session

“When I moved in with my husband, we were combining two households – me and my cats Oscar and Gerber and Peter with his cats Dave and Freddie. Each cat brought his own distinct personality and problems to the equation. Not surprisingly, there have been ‘stepcat’ adjustment problems. Thanks to Cynthia, I’ve been undoing some of those problems and everyone seems a lot happier.

“The biggest problem was the chronic bedwetting of one of our cats. On countless mornings my husband would wake at five in the morning, irate at the large wet spot in our bed and I would have to strip the bed and the mat and put a clean mat and sheets down. I’d have to wait until the dry cleaner opened to take in the comforter to be washed (it was too big for our washing machine). We spent hundreds of dollars washing comforters, throwing them away and buying new ones. And with four cats on the bed, we weren’t even sure who was the culprit.

“Peter blamed my cats, I blamed his, even though I suspected my wonderful orange cat Gerber was the culprit. We hired an animal behaviorist (not Cynthia) who blamed Oscar for the bedwetting, told us to keep all the cats out of the bedroom, and charged us $150. Sleeping with our cats is one of the joys of our lives, so banishing them was hard. Finally I convinced Peter to let Gerber in since Oscar was still considered the culprit. The next morning there was a big wet spot in the bed and we knew it was Gerber. Peter was so angry at Gerber, he wanted to banish him from the bedroom forever. I couldn’t stand not having Gerber cuddling up with me, so I had to do something.

“I first learned about Cynthia’s work in an article in THE DAILY NEWS. I called Cynthia and had her speak to him. He told her he felt crowded by the other cats and often neglected by me; he was also very annoyed when the litter boxes got too messy. Cynthia told him that wetting the bed was inappropriate and that from now on, he must be more vocal and come up right to my face and meow. For the past eighteen months we’ve only had one episode of bed wetting and that was due to crystals in his urine. If the litter box gets messy, Gerber meows very loudly and for a very long time so I know to clean it. I have to thank Cynthia for helping us solve this disruptive problem.

“Freddie is responding beautifully to the extra special time that I have been giving him. He is more affectionate towards me and lets me approach him now without running away. Dave and I are also friendlier towards each other. I now make sure that when he eats, Gerber is kept away from his bowl so that he can eat in peace without ‘greedy’ Gerber ready to steal his food. As a result, Dave is harassing Gerber less frequently and less vehemently.

“I’ve respected Gerber’s need to isolate himself from the others and to give him areas in the apartment where he can feel safe so he can reduce the worrying that seems to have caused much of his inappropriate urinating. I was very touched to hear how much Oscar loves Gerber. I used to think he was jealous of him and it is a relief and a delight to know that he regards Gerber as his soul mate.

“Cynthia did a wonderful job with my pets and I think she will be contributing enormously to the field of pet communication. I am very grateful for her services and I will be recommending her to friends who have similar problems with their pets. We are a much happier family now.”

—Mary Kirby and her cats 'Oscar', 'Gerber,' 'Dave' and 'Freddie'

Telephone Session

“It’s simple to say that there’s a lot more love at my house and that Ethel is such a happy cat since she’s been able to talk to me through Cynthia and Suki’s issues have also been resolved happily and that makes me a happy kitty custodian.”

—T.C. and her cats 'Ethel' and 'Suki'