Bryn Durham

Spiritual Psychic Medium

Hello! My name is Bryn Durham and I’m a spiritual psychic medium for over twenty years.

I use no tools in my readings, but tune into the energies of a person, place or thing. I’m able to pick up on information on what or whomever I intuitively focus upon.

I have the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairempathy (the ability to feel emotional resonances from other people, places and times—and sometimes other species).

I can usually pick up on and see your loved ones who have passed on and your guides (be they human, angelic, animal or those from other realms.)

With the greatest capacity that I have to offer from my many years of experience in these realms of life–which is an everlasting journey and experience for us all–I will help you to understand your path and find your way.

I offer readings by phone, Skype or in person. Welcome!

15 Min, $30
30 Min, $65
Hour, $125

Once you purchase your reading, we will contact you with instructions for scheduling your session at a time convenient for you. Questions? E-mail us at or call 212-691-7690.

What Bryn’s clients are saying:

“I look forward to getting readings from Bryn. He has great accuracy and I find his guidance to be very helpful. His calming manner reassures me, especially when I am stressing over an issue. I have been going to Bryn for readings for over 25 years and look forward to many more years of his supportive guidance”.
—Cher Carden, colon hydrotherapist, artist – New York City.
“Bryn is an extraordinary spiritual psychic medium. He is multi-talented .He has great integrity and a focused and calming presence.

“Bryn has given me several amazing readings for my animals, which were highly accurate, as well as clear and specific information for complex challenges in my life.

He is thoughtful, deep and I really feel he has my back. Highly recommended.”

—Melissa Waite Stamps, Interior designer, Feng Shui expert and professional certified psychic medium – New York City.
“I have known Bryn since 2000 and he has done readings for me. He is a very compassionate, kind and gentle person who provides wisdom in his readings and patient emotional support .I always find it helpful when Bryn has given his spiritual support to me.”
—Judy Teitleman-Sales