Private Sessions with Johanna Derbolowsky

As a special gift to the A.R.E. NY community, Johanna is offering private sessions via Zoom at a discounted rate from 4/22/21 to 4/26/21. You can choose a Life/Past-life reading and coaching session or a Quantum Heart Field Experience session – just let Johanna know which you prefer at the start of your session.

During the Life/Past-life reading/coaching session Johanna will channel information from your higher self and your spirit guides to identify and release stuck energy around specific challenges in your life. You will then be coached to release limiting belief patterns and be guided toward your next steps. This is a good choice if you know you are stuck in your life or business.

For a Quantum Heart Field Experience session, you can also bring your intentions to heal or change things in your life. Johanna will take you and your intentions into the Quantum Heart Field where particles will rearrange themselves according to your highest good. This can appear as pain relief, healing of body or life issues or a deepening of peace in your life. Johanna does not heal you, she simply coaches you to enter the field of source energy, where you are the miracle in your life.

During either session, the opportunity is created to shift into a higher vibration that will emanate throughout your present life. More information about Johanna can be found at

25-minute session – $60
50-minute session – $95

What Johanna’s clients are saying:

“Johanna will get to the heart of your matter. To the heart of what is holding you back. I would strongly recommend at least a couple of sessions with her. If your heart is open, and your mind is receptive, and you are truly determined to improve your life, I believe that Johanna will set you on the right track. She sure did it for me.”
~ S. R. Attorney
“Johanna can take you to places you really want to be. I have been involved with spiritual work as a student and Teacher for over 40 years and I believe that a session with Johanna is the best I have experienced. It is special and you will feel changes happening for days to come.”
- G. B. Metaphysical Teacher