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Annie Bond

Chakra Healer

Attain Chakras of Light! Healing modalities from all over the world have looked to balancing the male and female/yin and yang energies as the greatest healing modality of all. This alchemy births the healed authentic self and can even bring complete transformation.

Noted chakra healer Annie Bond will activate your soul’s own divine trinity of the healed mother, father and child energies, to wash your chakras in balance and light. She connects to your infinite soul and holds the space for this energy to clear long-held energy blocks and damage to allow the increase of prana/chi to flow.

Annie also teaches this modality through her Divine Mother Healer School,  a high vibration, transformative and deeply experiential training over one weekend a month for six months.

Gifted clairvoyant Annie Bond offers the Divine Mother modality, healing technique that came to her after 20 years as an energy and sound healer. She is also an award-winning and best-selling author of five books on green living.

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Annie usually books in NYC on Thursdays
Price: $150 Time: 1 1/2 hours
Skype Heaings: 1 1/2 hours; $90
Contact: Annie Bond, anniebbond@gmail.com 845-876-4252

“Ever since you gave us our first session we have been transforming. Your work is true alchemy and the beautiful sense of self and trust and clarity that I have received is that pot of gold that people think of when they hear the word alchemy.  What greater riches can anyone have then knowing who we truly are.” – Elyse Furlong

“I experience Annie Bond as an extraordinary healer who taps into the primordial, the innate worlds and brings their healing energies into my physical, emotional, and mental bodies with a genius the likes of which I have seldom, if ever encountered.”  – Lois Walden

“As a leukemia patient, I’ve spent months in the hospital being treated with powerful chemicals and drugs, feeling my body become shrunken and foreign. I’m grateful for what the oncologists have done for me, but it was Annie Bond’s healings that restored me mentally and emotionally to my body and my sense of harmony with myself.”
– Daniel Berthold, Department of Philosophy, Bard College


  • The Medicine Buddha emission from H. H. the 17th Karmapa 2015
  • Kundalini Yoga, Darkness to Light Training with Alli Hutchins : 2014-2015
  • The Order of Melchizedek ordination; May 2014
  • Chenrezik (Compassion) Empowerment from H.H. the 17th Karmapa 2011
  • Realization Training, Subtle Self Work with Judith Blackstone, Part I: 2009
  • Prima Birthing Practitioner, Derek O’Neill//SQ-Wellness: 2008
  • Sound Healers Association Healing Sounds Intensive: 2008
  • The Gems of Excellence Tap Touch Course I, II: 2008
  • Rising Star Practitioner, Derek O’Neill/SQ-Wellness: 2007
  • Sound Healers Training with Zacciah Blackburn: 2005
  • A Healing Touch Masters Training Course: 2004
  • A Healing Touch Basic Training: 2003
  • Reiki Master: 2001
  • Reiki Second Degree: 2000
  • Reiki First Degree: 1999

Catherine O.

Intuitive Healings, Angel Card Readings

From her 17-year study of many healing modalities—including: Traditional Usui Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Modern Shamanism, Sacred Sound Healing—Catherine has created a unique form of Intuitive Healing. Since 2009, she has been working with a team of angels from the higher realms. She combines energy healing with angel card readings. She also facilitates the ARE-NYC Prosperity Group and serves on the Board. Catherine’s Website: www.rosesandangels.vpweb.com

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Elizabeth Tomboulian

Quantum Energetics & Sound Energy Healer and Craniosacral Therapist

As a Quantum Energetics Structured Therapist, Elizabeth Tomboulian practices energy medicine, working to support healing from medical diagnosis energetically by addressing subtle energy systems. I am not a medical doctor, massage therapist, or body worker. Suggestions regarding supplements are not approved by the FDA. The responsibility for health and healing choices belongs to each individual. Nothing I say or do is a substitute for medical advice, treatment, Doctor-prescribed therapy, or medication.

“When I broke a bone my foot a few years ago and the doctor was talking about major surgery involving pins and a healing time of 6 months,  I had several sessions with Elizabeth and was able to avoid surgery, and today my foot is just fine!  Her treatments, which are hands on and very specific to a set of principles, are very relaxing and supportive of healing.”

Jane Cross, Advertising Writer/Consultant, NYC

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Leah Desanto

Shamanic Reiki Healer, Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master

LEAH DESANTO is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Certified Usui & Tibetan Reiki Practitioner, Master Teacher level. She utilizes her formal training together with her intuition and Empathic skills to get to the root of your issue or block.

Leah was certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Master Teacher Level, in 2001. She studied Shamanism with Isaac Beery through workshops, Shamanic journeys and, Soul Retrieval/Mending classes.

In addition to teaching Reiki, doing private sessions and facilitating the Shamanic Reiki Circle, Leah was a volunteer and Reiki Practitioner at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital for three years, alternating from the main hospital to the Center for Health and Healing. The physicians at the Center for Health and Healing highly recommended Leah to their patients and were grateful for her presence.

Leah is not your typical practitioner! If necessary, she will use drumbeats to guide you on a Shamanic Journey back in time to find and clear deep-rooted trauma that may prevent you from having a joyful life. Whether you are new to Shamanic Reiki or have previous Reiki experience, you will feel very comfortable speaking with Leah. If you are new to Shamanic Reiki and Reiki, Leah will explain the difference and how she uses Shamanic Reiki to remove emotional and physical blocks.

At the end of a session, the client is relaxed, peaceful and happy.
Look forward to releasing blocks and a happier you!!!!!


Private sessions: $100 for 45 minutes, there is a discount for A.R.E. of NY Members.

Leah’s Shamanic Reiki Circle – Every other Wednesday Night, 6 – 8 pm.
Location: Balance Arts Center 151 W 30th St, 3rd Fl., NY NY
Pre-register: brachas18@gmail.com
Fee: $20 at the door

Call or text to register: 917-575-6182, brachas18@gmail.com

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Malcolm Smith

Spiritual Healer

The internationally admired healer from Yorkshire, England, Malcolm Smith considers himself an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift — the ability to be a channel for healing energy from God:

“It is God who does the healing, not me.”

For more than 35 years, he has used his gift to relieve the pain, disease and suffering of thousands. Sometimes, the healing he gives results in instant cures. Often, several sessions over several weeks are required for results to manifest physically. He has restored sight and hearing, cured “incurable” diseases including cancer, and changed hundreds of lives. He emphasizes that slow progress is the norm and Spiritual Healing should not replace orthodox medical treatment.

Below are testimonials about his extraordinary healing abilities. To read more about Malcolm’s extraordinary story, you can also purchase his book Spiritual Power, Healing Hands from Amazon.com.

30-minute session, $90

Peter Goldbeck

Reiki Healer and Teacher, Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, and a Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Counselor

Peter Goldbeck, international Reconnective Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher, is a favorite teacher, practitioner and healing/psychic group leader in the A.R.E./N.Y.C. Community. He has worked with alternative healing modalities since his first attunement courtesy of Mother Nature in 1985 when he was struck by lightning. Since that life-altering event, he’s become a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui system of Natural Healing, a Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, and a Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Counselor.

Peter has the unique ability to provide not only an eclectic group of healing energies but to help Activate and Amplify another person’s own ability to heal and maintain a stronger connection to Source. It’s all about self-empowerment.

As a Healer/Psychic, Peteer has given talks and demonstrations at the New Life Expo here in NYC and at the Tokyo Big Site Expo in Japan, and has lectured at many colleges including New Rochelle, BCC, Lehman, Columbia and St. John’s University. From 2001 to 2008, he participated on staff at St Vincent’s Hospital with the 9/11 Integrative Stress Management Program and with Bronx Aids Service using his healing energies to help treat World Trade Center victims. He also took part in the “Wounded Warriors Project” providing Auricular acupuncture as well as Healing Energy to wounded soldiers returning from Iraq. A member of the Queens Psychic Club and “The Original Long Island Psychic Fairs,” Peter is a frequent guest on Queens public access TV shows “Alexandra’s Psychic Eye,” ”TildeVision” & “Psychic Awakenings.” 

Peter teaches Reiki Mastership Certification through A.R.E. of NY. He also provides individual Reiki and Reconnective Healing Sessions as well as “The Reconnection” by face-to-face appointment and by phone.

For more information, call Peter at 516-949-9588 or visit his website.

For more information, call Peter at

Rob Murphy

Shaman, Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist

Rob Murphy is an initiated shaman in the traditions of the Ecuadorian Quichua, the Brazilian Makunaiman, and the re-dreamed Celtic Wolven Path Tradition and an ordained minister of the Wolven Path. He is a master reiki practitioner and shamanic-reiki practitioner. Rob is the founder of the Richmond Shamanic Meetup and Drum Circle and a core member of the NY Shamanic Circle. He gives workshops and classes in shamanism for the Richmond, Virginia & NYC areas, and in Canada & Ireland and facilitates trips to learn from indigenous elders in South America. A graduate of Dr. Linda Backman’s Past Life Soul Regression and Between Life Soul Regression programs, he uses regression therapy as an integral part of his shamanic healing. Also, he is a graduate of the 16-week Peace Ambassador Training program through the Shift Network. robdmurphy.wix.com/compassionate-dragon.

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