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This session will be recorded. Elliott is recording to gather material for publications about his work. In addition to using his own words, he may excerpt words spoken by attendees, for use in his publications. Attendees will not be identified by name, unless you specifically ask to be identified by your name. By speaking in this session, you acknowledge that you are granting Elliott permission to use your words in his publications–most likely in text form, but possibly as audio. Elliott will not use a photo of anyone in the session without your express permission.

Opt-Out – During the session, if you wish to speak but do not want your words used as described above, please say so when you speak, and Elliott will not use them.

Elliott Landy transmits a spiritual energy, a vibration—often tangible—that enables you to quickly go into a deep quiet meditative state. You experience a feeling of total Stillness which is the goal of meditation—you become part of ESSENCE.

The energy can be transformative. You may experience spiritual awakening, deep relaxation, peace and wholeness. For some, it generates healing, for others, chakra openings.

In SHARING STILLNESS sessions, there are no mantras, visualizations, physical postures or guided meditation techniques. You sit quietly with your eyes closed and receive the energy.

Elliott will first transmit energy to the whole group—then focus on each participant, one at a time.

Because Elliott does not direct the energy to do any specific thing, other than to help, it flows freely and finds the areas that need to be empowered.

This energy does not come from Elliott but is facilitated by him. He will explain a simple meditation technique to help you access and use the energy to feel better quickly in times of stress, help with psychological issues, open your spiritual centers, and ultimately change your life and way of being.

Following the initial session (approximately 25 minutes) of SHARING STILLNESS, there will be a period of questions, answers and sharing. If time permits, Elliott may do a second STILLNESS session to deepen the effect.

Please note: Ending time for this event is approximate. This is an organic process. We can’t predict exactly how long it will take.


“Elliott Landy’s energy work has changed dramatically over the four decades we’ve know each other. It has grown, become more powerful and more focused even as Elliott has grown and is able to be Present with others to this extent.

Yet his being present also includes being able to get out of the way and allow a refined Higher Energy through. I can usually feel it all over my body in the beginning …and soon it inevitably goes to whatever body part, system or organ is most in need of re-balancing and healing.

I can recommend without reservation your giving this evolutionary experience a try for yourself. Thank you , Elliott, for this gift to the world. ”

—Andras Nevai, Author/Photographer, Hungary

Some Personal and first-hand observed wonders of Elliott’s Sharing Stillness work:

My cruel anxiety and depressions will go away for a week or two following a session.

I have seen a famous Hollywood director walk normally following a session at Elliott’s Woodstock home before an annual Woodstock Film Festival event. The director told me, ‘I feel better now than I did before my automobile accident of 25 years ago, which crippled me.’

A friend who was in Physical Therapy walked and talked NORMALLY immediately following a session of Sharing Stillness.

Elliott does not actually take credit for his work. His gift simply comes through.

Phil D., Westchester County, New York.

Text from a woman with COVID-19. Elliott did a session with her by phone and later she responded with this text:

ANON: 4:53 PM
Thank you, Elliott!
This is what I experienced: I felt a circle of heated energy flowing on the right side, and then balanced with a circle on the left side too. I felt focused energy on my forehead and then tension in my throat which released as I breathed more. It was very subtle but the lasting feeling at end was strongest – I felt balanced. Centered. And calm. My body heavy and relaxed, right where I am. Very calming. Thank you!

Stay with it as long as you feel comfortable being still and not moving around. The longer, the better, because it’s your energy and it’s still there. I am only the facilitator. So, what you felt is what your being needs to heal in this particular phase. Please feel free to let me know how you’re feeling—better or worse, and I’m glad to do another session, even later today, if you feel you’ve gone as far as you can with this particular energy form.

ANON: 6:18 PM
That was wonderful. After I read your texts, I closed my eyes and tuned into the feeling. My body went from feeling really heavy, almost like a rock was on my chest, to feeling much lighter, relaxed, feeling my lungs relaxing too. I fell asleep. It was really nice. Thank you. If you’re available again this week, it’d be great to do one more. It definitely helped me to relax and tune in. Thank you!

Woman with COVID, NYC. May 2020


Best known for his classic “rock” photographs, Elliott Landy was one of the first “music photographers” to be recognized as an artist. His celebrated works include portraits of Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline), The Band (Music From Big Pink, and The Band), Janis Joplin (Big Brother & The Holding Company: Cheap Thrills), Van Morrison (Moondance), Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and many others. A photo-journalist as well, he documented and supported the rising tide of anti-war sentiment and spiritual awakening throughout the United States during the late 1960’s.

Elliott’s work has been exhibited and published worldwide. He is the author of nine books and the architect of LandyVision, a new interactive software program that blends both still and moving imagery with music to create a new form of perceptual experience. In 1970, soon after he discovered metaphysics, Elliott opened a metaphysical/spiritual bookshop in Woodstock, NY. One of the books responsible for his belief that it was very important that people knew about this other way of thinking, was the biography, Edgar Cayce, Mystery Man of Miracles—in which Cayce was quoted as saying that the purpose of life was to help people.

In the early ‘80s, Elliott discovered he could help people by sharing “his” energy with people. For years, he would only do this privately, helping anyone he met who needed and wanted to be helped. About seven years ago, he began to do live group sessions, which he described as simply, “sharing stillness!”

Elliott transmits a spiritual (non-physical) energy that enables one to quickly reach a deep, meditative state. The recipient experiences a feeling of total Stillness which is the essence of meditation. Healings and chakra openings can also happen. He offers guidance for people to attain this state of Stillness and healing by themselves, as well as in his sessions.

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  • November 10, 2022 7:00 PM EST   -   9:00 PM EST
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