Spiritual Healing Sessions w/ Malcolm Smith

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The internationally admired healer from Yorkshire, England, Malcolm Smith considers himself an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift — the ability to be a channel for healing energy from God:

“It is God who does the healing, not me.”
For more than 35 years, he has used his gift to relieve the pain, disease and suffering of thousands. Sometimes, the healing he gives results in instant cures. Often, several sessions over several weeks are required for results to manifest physically. He has restored sight and hearing, cured “incurable” diseases including cancer, and changed hundreds of lives. He emphasizes that slow progress is the norm and Spiritual Healing should not replace orthodox medical treatment.

Below are testimonials about his extraordinary healing abilities. To read more about Malcolm’s extraordinary story, you can also purchase his book Spiritual Power, Healing Hands from Amazon.com.

30-minute session, $90

Malcolm’s healing sessions will take place at Balance Arts Center, 151 W 30th St. (between 6th and 7th Avenues)
When you arrive at the Balance Arts Center, please check in with Malcolm’s Assistant. Walk down the hallway to the right until you come to the waiting area. Malcolm’s Assistant will meet you there.
Please don’t attempt to go directly into the room where Malcolm is healing, as he may still be with another client. Thank you!

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