Psychic Skills Retake Payments

Psychic Skills Retake Payments

$50.00 / Months For 6 Months

Affordable payment plan for graduates to retake the Psychic Skills Certification Program 2023-2024.

$499 – Initial deposit $249 and 5 monthly payments of $50.


I would like to offer the graduates of the course an opportunity to take it again with the following affordable payment plan.

Program cost: $499
Deposit: $249
Payments: $50/mo for 5 months

Initial deposit $249 and 5 monthly payments of $50.

Note that the subsequent monthly payments will be deducted on the same day of the month as the first month’s payment.


Installment payments are non-refundable. Registrants who cancel their registration are not held liable for the remaining balance but forfeit the payments already made.

If a student cancels up to 24 hours before the first session of the Psychic Skills course, she/he receives a full refund.

If a student cancels after the first weekend and before the second session, she/he receives a refund less 10%. Or the student can accept a credit for another course.

Following the second session, no refunds will be given. At the discretion of the instructor, depending on the student’s reason for leaving a current course, credits might be given for a future course.


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