Johanna Derbolowsky

Maureen does readings by phone or Skype. All readings can be recorded for you in MP3 format.

  • 50 minute Reading – $329
  • 80 minute Reading – $449
  • MP3 Recording of your Reading – $15


“I first got interested in helping people using past life regression through my own experience. Many years ago, I went to a group past life regression meditation. During the regression, I completely cleared a fear of breaking my neck, which I had permanently as long as I could remember. In all the years since that fear never returned.

I had discovered a powerful tool. I continued using past life regression to overcome my intense fear of public speaking. Soon I got interested in exploring not only past lives but also the time between lives. I studied with Michael Newton, author of ‘Life Between Lives’, to add to my hypnotherapy and past life regression practice. The more I worked with clients using past life regression the more I realized how incredibly useful, instantaneously life-changing and powerful it is”.

Johanna Derbolowsky, best-selling author of the book “The Transformation Promise”, has helped clients worldwide with life’s major changes and transformations: from identifying long past incidents that can be the source of current major depression or health issues to dealing with career changes, finding and sustaining fulfilling relationships, to the truly ultimate transformation at the end-of-life. She also recently published “28 Days to Love, Joy and Prosperity”, a workbook.

Ms. Derbolowsky, the developer of the Quantum Heart Field Experience is a clairvoyant medium, recognized metaphysical teacher, spiritual counselor, and energy worker. Her sessions are spirit-guided and client-specific. Johanna has a private practice and teaches seminars in the U.S. and Europe.

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