Cynthia Fellowes

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor


Cynthia trained with Penelope Smith, one of the pioneers of Animal Communication and has been in private practice since 1997.

Her specialties include behavioral and emotional problems of pets, and contact with pets who have passed away (although many clients are just curious to find out what their companion animals are thinking). Cynthia works from photographs and has clients from all around the United States.

Cynthia has been featured as an Animal Communicator in articles in Newsday and The New York Daily News among other publications—and has been a guest on a variety of TV and radio programs in the U.S., the U.K. and beyond. She has taught Introductory classes on Animal Communication at The Learning Annex and the Seminar Center in New York City and has provided training for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Cynthia explains her Animal Communication work this way:

  • Because your animal companion is so grateful to be heard, cooperation and compromise is possible. A session can assist you in:
  • Understanding your animal’s point of view by learning why your pet is exhibiting certain behavior.
  • Developing a better rapport with your animal companion.
  • Resolving unfinished business.

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