Dates: 3 monthly intensives, March 13, April 10, May 13 of 2021
Location: 3929 Studios, 39 W. 29th Street, 2nd floor, (between Broadway and 6th Avenue) New York, NY
The 3 monthly Weekend Intensives will be held on Saturdays, 10 am to 5 pm

Want to further develop and sharpen your psychic abilities while developing a deeper, more interactive relationship with those in the spirit world? The Advanced Module is for you!

Through remote viewing you will develop the focus and discipline you need to maintain a strong connection with Spirit, as well as gain a better understanding of how information comes through the subconscious mind. Through the Mediumship and Trance segments, you will learn to reach higher levels of awareness which will assist you in all levels of psychic work.

Each class enhances the next in this 3-month extension of the Psychic Skills Program. Take advantage of the opportunity to broaden your skills even further through enrolling in the Psychic Skills Advanced Module.

(Open to A.R.E. of NY Psychic Skills graduates and others with appropriate experience. Some prior training required. A.R.E. of NY Psychic Skills Graduates are eligible. Others apply to Lin Hunter:

Pricing Options

  • Enroll with the Basic course: Add $450.
  • Advanced Module Alone: $555 for 3 classes.
  • Take any one-day intensive alone: $225.

Course Overview

The 3 monthly Weekend Intensives will be held on Saturdays, 10 am to 5 pm.

CLASS 1 – MARCH 13, 2021

Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm


Explore the possibility of seeing things removed from us by space or time. We will:

  • examine the difference between creative visualization, traveling clairvoyance, and remote viewing
  • learn about the remote viewing process
  • gain a clearer understanding of how information is delivered through the subconscious mind.

CLASS 2 – APRIL 10, 2021

Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm


On this weekend we will delve more deeply into the practice of mediumship to improve our ability to:

  • shift our degree of awareness to become aware of the spirit world
  • establish a clear communication with spirit loved ones and friends
  • use our soul senses to receive evidence of survival
  • bring through quality evidence of survival
  • understand the healing qualities of mediumship

CLASS 3 – MAY 1, 2021

Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm


Building on our mediumship skills, we will explore the wealth of teaching that comes directly from the spirit realm—teaching that inspires and enlightens us; teaching that resonates with truth. As we explore the trance state, we will learn about:

  • trance guides
  • entering and leaving the trance state
  • opening to receive the flow of information
  • when trance states are appropriate, and more.