Joan Carra

Psychic Medium

Joan offers guidance on matters of the heart and business matters — and can help you recognize and overcome the blocks to joy and satisfaction in your life.

A gifted medium, Joan can contact your loved ones who have left this Earth plane, and relay their messages to you. Her exceptional spiritual counseling has been recognized in six books—including the first edition of The 100 Top Psychics in America, Interdimensional Universe and The Rational Psychic.

Also a teacher of Mediumship, Numerology, Palmistry, Animal Communications and Tea Leaf Reading, Joan has been interviewed in WAG Magazine, The Wall St. Journal. Metro NY, and The Daily News (where she predicted the flooding of NYC which came to pass during Hurricane Sandy). In 2000, Joan predicted on Channel 11 TV news that Hillary Clinton would not be America’s first woman president.

Joan Carra grew up in a metaphysical family. From her earliest days, she understood that psychic phenomena is natural, not “supernatural.”

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Joan offers readings by phone or Skype.