Jo LaVerne Pearson

Clear Conscious Channel, Empath, Psychic/Intuitive, Kemetic Shaman, and Psychic Medium

Jo LaVerne Pearson, M.MSc., MBA offers Transformational Readings.

Jo is clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient. Her inborn gifts are supported by thirty-three years of study and experience.

The modality Jo has developed, Transformational Reading, is a psychic/intuitively based approach to reading and spiritual development, grounded in the channeled premises of ancient Kemetic Aakaat which is the precursor to Metaphysics.

Jo imparts information about your past, present, and future life patterns and how they influence your current experiences—in every area of your life’s expression, including your life purpose and mission.

Everything is composed of Consciousness expressing as energy. This includes your mind, body, feeling, and Spirit. Within these lies the language of the expressed self (who you learned to be and are currently living), but even more so, the True, Authentic Self (who you were created to BE).

Jo reads your Consciousness/energy and interprets its vibrational language into understandable terms, to help you comprehend your life’s current circumstances and transform them into the life you desire to live.

“You are greater than your learned life expression,” Jo says.

“During a reading, I’ll share what is most important for you to know now. Learn what your True Self needs to tell you—to move your life forward and accomplish your goals. My readings assist you to understand the root causes of circumstances in your life, including obstacles preventing you from moving forward. Understand the who, what, where, when, and how of your past, present, and future life—to transform your life for your best.”

“As I’m a healer as well as a reader, I tune into you—mind, body, feeling, and Spirit—and help to shift your Consciousness and energy to facilitate healing and clearing.”

Jo holds Masters degrees in Metaphysical Science and Business Administration, certificates in Quantum Hypnotherapy (with a specialty in Past Life Regression) and Trauma Counseling, and is currently completing her dissertation for a doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling. She has completed coursework toward a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. In addition to metaphysics and business, Jo has studied behavioral and social sciences and holds certifications in Reiki (Master), Axiatonal Therapy, Energy Medicine, and Deep Release Emotional Body Work.

During readings Jo uses her gift as an empath and her ability of impartation, along with the modalities she has mastered, to shift your energy and consciousness. Ask any question you want or raise any topic you want to discuss and Jo will help you find clarity.

Jo has an international clientele. She offers readings by phone or Skype.