Catherine Marks

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader

Catherine Marks Reads in Conscious Channel, working with very powerful guides of many cultures and purposes, including Spirit Doctors, Galactic, Dimensional Realms, Star and Light Beings, and Councils of Light. In Dimensional Readings, she reads life overviews, past lives, other people, scenarios—and answers your questions in any area including important moves, important purchases, relationships, change, health, letting go or de-cording (removing obsolete or unwanted energy connections with others).

Catherine is a natural sensitive and empath with psychic memories since the age of three. She has received psychic messages since age five.

In her thirty-five years in the field, Catherine has studied a multitude of psychic, channeling, and healing modalities and incorporated them into her practice, including Tarot, Mastership Level Reiki, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Body Talk. She has years of training at the Holistic Studies Institute.

Founder of Communication Awareness, LLC, she is a Communication and Awareness Skills Coach, Metaphysics Educator, Dynamic Speaker and Workshop Presenter. (Find more about her work at and

Catherine will read for your personal development, business and life questions. Spirit messages come through her, and through the cards, to give you accurate guidance. You will feel uplifted, your frequency will be changed—and powerful healing through the readings is also possible. Many in Catherine’s international clientele describe this as an accurate, unique and profound experience.