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Each one of our Psychic/Intuitive Readers is unique and individual. Their backgrounds, personalities and specialties vary greatly—but all are gifted, grounded in spirituality, caring and compassionate. All have been tested for accuracy.

Do you need answers about life challenges? Are you feeling “stuck” and need insights to help you move ahead on your path? Let one of our Readers help you to address your life issues, thrive—and create the life you were meant to live.

We guarantee our readings. If you’re not satisfied with your reading, we will return your fee.

Meet Our Readers

Once you purchase your reading, we will contact you with instructions for scheduling your session at a time convenient for you.

Questions? E-mail us at info@edgarcaycenyc.org or call 212-691-7690.

Brenda Reading

Psychic Readings and Mediumship

Rev. Brenda Reading has been serving Spirit and the psychic realm for over 15 years.

Brenda has studied with many gifted teachers and healers including Caroline Sutherland, Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer, Tina Zion, Annette DiStefano, Rev. Judith Rochester, Ph.D., Rev. B. Anne Gehman, and Rev. Jan Cooke of Lily Dale, N.Y., and is a graduate of the A.R.E. of NY Psychic Skills Certification course taught by Lin Hunter.

Author of the book Taps On My Shoulder, How to Awaken to Spirit, Brenda is also a Lily Dale registered medium, and offers classes for spiritual and intuitive development

Whether you are looking to connect with your Spirit loved ones, or obtain purely psychic information, Brenda can help.

Depending on your needs, Brenda’s readings can focus on guidance, knowledge and insight on a variety of topics—including family, relationships, life purpose, finances and more.

A recording of your reading can be provided at no additional cost.

For more information on Brenda, visit www.brendareading.com.

“Brenda is kind and incredibly spot on. I have had a lot of medium readings and I have to say this was up there as my favorite. It was so helpful and exactly what I needed. It was inspiring, magical, healing and practical all at once. She has an amazing way with her words. HIGHLY recommend.”

– Stevie

“Had my first reading with Brenda. She is very kind and compassionate and was spot on with everything. Puts her heart and soul into every reading.”

– Kris S.

“Amazing ability to tune into his energy. Felt Brenda’s connection in his mind, body and heart. Authentic.”

– Raphael K.

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Readings to be done with zoom or phone.

Bryn Durham

Spiritual Psychic Medium

Hello! My name is Bryn Durham and I’m a spiritual psychic medium for over twenty years.

I use no tools in my readings, but tune into the energies of a person, place or thing. I’m able to pick up on information on what or whomever I intuitively focus upon.

I have the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairempathy (the ability to feel emotional resonances from other people, places and times—and sometimes other species).

I can usually pick up on and see your loved ones who have passed on and your guides (be they human, angelic, animal or those from other realms.)

With the greatest capacity that I have to offer from my many years of experience in these realms of life–which is an everlasting journey and experience for us all–I will help you to understand your path and find your way.

As someone who was apoplectic & drowning in grief regarding the passing of my beloved…precious, cherished cat, I was enlightened & comforted by the very soul-enlightening animal communication from Bryn Durham. It was a riveting session with Bryn, who already had gotten impressions on my…beloved departed cat from photos I sent before the session…

Bryn is ultra-dimensional, peering into those other dimensions many humans here on this plane just aren’t aware of… A session with Bryn Durham can bring enlightenment, comfort & a keen awareness wake up call for the crying soul.

Naomi Semeniuk

My experience with Bryn Durham was great. He is a very caring and compassionate person. The information he shared with me was accurate and delivered in a thoughtful way. After my reading with Bryn, I felt much lighter. I highly recommend him.


“I look forward to getting readings from Bryn. He has great accuracy and I find his guidance to be very helpful. His calming manner reassures me, especially when I am stressing over an issue. I have been going to Bryn for readings for over 25 years and look forward to many more years of his supportive guidance”.

Cher Carden, colon hydrotherapist, artist – New York City.

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I offer readings by phone or Skype.

Catherine Marks

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader

Catherine Marks Reads in Conscious Channel, working with very powerful guides of many cultures and purposes, including Spirit Doctors, Galactic, Dimensional Realms, Star and Light Beings, and Councils of Light. In Dimensional Readings, she reads life overviews, past lives, other people, scenarios—and answers your questions in any area including important moves, important purchases, relationships, change, health, letting go or de-cording (removing obsolete or unwanted energy connections with others).

Catherine is a natural sensitive and empath with psychic memories since the age of three. She has received psychic messages since age five.

In her thirty-five years in the field, Catherine has studied a multitude of psychic, channeling, and healing modalities and incorporated them into her practice, including Tarot, Mastership Level Reiki, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Body Talk. She has years of training at the Holistic Studies Institute.

Founder of Communication Awareness, LLC, she is a Communication and Awareness Skills Coach, Metaphysics Educator, Dynamic Speaker and Workshop Presenter. (Find more about her work at https://communicationawareness.com and cmarks@commnicationawareness.com.)

Catherine will read for your personal development, business and life questions. Spirit messages come through her, and through the cards, to give you accurate guidance. You will feel uplifted, your frequency will be changed—and powerful healing through the readings is also possible. Many in Catherine’s international clientele describe this as an accurate, unique and profound experience.

Catherine Marks is an awesome, amazing, right on point reader. I am in awe with the confirmation I received from her reading. She has now become my go to for advice in all areas.  

Lucia E

Thank you Catherine for helping me to awaken to new realities! There is so much more than I realized to work with in the bigger picture – and I learned for myself I am not alone. My Joy has returned and I feel like a healing has occurred in my life – I can use skill of thoughts and intentions to keep on track, grow and evolve. It’s a new way of approaching life and I now have some command skills and techniques to participate in my own creation. Grateful!

Margaret E

“It’s amazing what a little encouragement and insight does. Catherine helped me open my eyes to see what can be accomplished by establishing Boundaries and Setting Goals, New Paradigms and New Dimensions! There really is something to be said for having a champion and a coach in your life — and her accuracy and timing in readings is great!!”

Taylor G

I was surprised in my reading with Catherine that it came through that I work with the Pleiadians and also 2 past lives that others have told also come through. A double confirmation! I am an Empath and I also process people and light beings through myself . I learned more about that so I can Focus and Navigate better and balance the energies and information! I am here to help people and feel I am a part of the Indigo venturers. We just process differently! The reading was so very helpful in finding myself and confirming further who I am.

Alaiha S

Catherine does readings by phone.

Cynthia Fellowes

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor


Cynthia trained with Penelope Smith, one of the pioneers of Animal Communication and has been in private practice since 1997.

Her specialties include behavioral and emotional problems of pets, and contact with pets who have passed away (although many clients are just curious to find out what their companion animals are thinking). Cynthia works from photographs and has clients from all around the United States.

Cynthia has been featured as an Animal Communicator in articles in Newsday and The New York Daily News among other publications—and has been a guest on a variety of TV and radio programs in the U.S., the U.K. and beyond. She has taught Introductory classes on Animal Communication at The Learning Annex and the Seminar Center in New York City and has provided training for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Cynthia explains her Animal Communication work this way:

  • Because your animal companion is so grateful to be heard, cooperation and compromise is possible. A session can assist you in:
  • Understanding your animal’s point of view by learning why your pet is exhibiting certain behavior.
  • Developing a better rapport with your animal companion.
  • Resolving unfinished business.

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Testimonial #1 – Becoming a Family

John Powell, His Family and Two Kittens – Megabyte and Analogue

In-Person Session

“Our family adopted brother and sister kittens who we named Megabyte and Analogue. Megabyte, from the beginning, had enormous confidence and was extremely loving and social. Analogue, on the other hand, was completely feral and would not let us touch or hold her. A friend recommended that we reach out to Cynthia to help.

“When Cynthia walked into our living room, Analogue immediately came out of hiding, sat up at attention, and looked at her. This, in itself, was phenomenal, because Analogue had always hidden from people. Cynthia asked to be alone with her for a while. When she was done, she told us that Analogue did not understand what she was doing at our apartment, that she did not know it was home, and that she thought we were going to hurt her. She also told us that Analogue did not like her name (it was not feminine enough), wanted to be told that she was a pretty kitty, and that she wanted a soft cat bed.

“We changed her name to Annie and got her a cat bed that we put next to our couch. She immediately made the cat bed her own (somehow Megabyte understood it was hers and never sat in it). While she was in the cat bed she felt safe and we slowly acclimated her to being petted. Eventually she came up on the couch to be with us, and is now the most affectionate, loving, and sometimes even demanding cat that I have ever known. Her purrs are so loud and powerful that it is impossible not to feel how deep the love and bonding is between us.“
The meeting with Cynthia was the turning point. I have no idea how we could have developed the relationship that we now have with our lovely Annie if it had not been for her!”

— John Powell

Testimonial #2 – Contacting a Beloved Pet After Death

Toni Dean and her female, apricot Toy Poodle ‘Coco’

Telephone Session

(Toni Dean hired Cynthia to contact her female apricot toy poodle Coco, who had recently been killed by another dog right in front of her.)

“The communication with Coco was like an eye opener and a spiritual awakening, an epiphany, and from that I continued on my own. It opened up my sense of the Divine and my belief in the afterlife which wasn’t there before. And since then, it has brought some closure with my grandmother’s death because since I believe in the afterlife, it has also helped bring peace with other loved one’s deaths.”

— Toni Dean

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Cynthia does readings by phone and zoom.

Elena Branagan

Psychic Readings and Mediumship

Elena’s childhood provided an ideal environment to nurture a psychic and healer. Born of Russian, Polish and Belarussian heritage, Elena grew up in Moscow, but spent summer vacations in the country with her Polish and Belarussian grandmothers. “All my grandmas were healers,” she says. They taught her about medicinal plants and sent her out to pick herbs for their healing work. And when, as a child, Elena was able to see deceased family members around her, it was accepted as part of her heritage.

One of those special people who are equally developed in both right- brain and left-brain functions, Elena completed a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at university in Moscow. In the U.S. she has taught Math for more than twenty years. But her heritage as a psychic and healer also called to her.

Elena was certified as a Bioenergy Healer and Therapist in 1993. Although naturally psychically gifted, Elena honed her skills by studying Psychic Development/Mediumship in both the U.K. and the U.S. She is certified in Psychic Skills via the A.R.E. of NY Psychic Skills Certification Course and is a certified Medium through the Santosha Holistic Center in NY. Elena is also a Shamballa and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Teacher/ Master.

Elena loves people and loves to be of help. Through her mediumship readings, she offers comfort in times of loss and grief. Her Soul Readings can help you navigate your life path.

The messages that came through tied to being open hearted and helping to heal situations through that–that other people understand when I’m coming from that place and that it can be a place of strength.
It was a surprisingly thorough reading for the time that we had and Elena was very caring throughout the conversation. I appreciated that we touched on multiple topics, and the information she shared was both helpful and meaningful.

– Jessica F

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Elena does readings via Phone, FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp

Elizabeth Tomboulian

Akashic Records Guide

In 2005, a seer told Elizabeth that she is a “Messenger of the Divine” and a healer—that she has an energy that, when people come into it, they may be healed. This rang true to Elizabeth—and led to her leaving a university publishing job to seek and know her divine, purposeful path.

That path led her to the study of Akashic Records reading with Maureen St. Germain, the developer of a world-renowned Akashic Records Guide training, and being certified as an Akashic Records Guide.

Your Akashic Records Reading with Elizabeth will provide guidance about your present life and, depending on your needs, may throw light on your past, (including past lives) and your possible futures.

A warm, compassionate guide, Elizabeth has done a great deal to develop her healing abilities since that day in 2005 when she was told about her healing energy. She has studied and been certified in Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Sound Energy Healing, and Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST). A true Renaissance woman, Elizabeth is also an accomplished jazz musician. (Learn more about Elizabeth as a musician and healer here: https://www.quantumstarsong.com.)

About her work with the Akashic Records, Elizabeth says, “Metaphysical studies with Maureen St. Germain have helped strengthen my Higher Self connection and expanded my consciousness, opening to higher dimensions where the Akashic Record Keepers are accessed. I’m so thrilled to be engaging with this process, as it’s connecting with Divine Love in a way that defies explanation.”

Elizabeth can do readings by phone but prefers to do them online via Zoom. If you choose, Elizabeth can make an MP3 recording of your reading for you to keep.

Amazing how you can feel such deep things and yet be happy. That was my message from my [Akashic Records Reading] session with Elizabeth Tomboulian ..Joy is the Path …yes it is.

– J.C.S.

The reading with Elizabeth Tomboulian was fantastic. If you haven’t done one yet or made an appointment with her to do so, you’ll love it. It will expand you immensely. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I am very grateful that you offered this to all of us.

– D.M.

Just wanted to share that I just had a session with the gifted Elizabeth Tomboulian. We generated so much energy that we had to be adaptive in order to keep from shorting out all our devices! Elizabeth is a wonderful healer and reader. She insightfully and adeptly tapped into my Akashic Records, helping me to realize lingering sadness from a past life trauma. She brought through a sound healing/alignment that was truly out of this world! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

– J.K.

I recently was privileged to work with Elizabeth Tomboulian and her gift of connecting with the Akashic Record Guides. Her channeling came through incredibly strong, solid and clear and it was a wonderful experience for both of us! I felt all of her heart and soul in her mission to help others. There was a lot of information and I was able to receive detailed answers from specific questions that I had asked. I would highly recommend Elizabeth Tomboulian because you will be blessed and more informed about your life.

– K.B.

My Akashic Record session with Elizabeth was insightful and filled with messages for my soul’s growth.  I received some practical information around life themes and how to move beyond these with complete trust and total joy.  I found Elizabeth to be a gracious person and easy to speak with. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching for answers that their soul has been seeking.

– K.P.

Seven weeks have passed since Ms. Elizabeth Tomboulian did an Akashic Record reading reading for me. I received enough material to implement into my life for months, maybe years to come. I was encouraged in what I am doing right and in attitudes I would benefit from tweaking. Suggestions were made for manifesting my dreams and completing projects I am currently engaged in.

I had prepared questions in advance. All of these were addressed very satisfactorily. Most of my questions concerned my present life circumstances and foreseeable upcoming changes. A helpful metaphor that was given to me is ‘Relationships are like roses, having blossoms among thorns. Which ever is focused on, blossoms or thorns, grows. I am an intuitive as well, and rely mostly on myself for wisdom communication from the nonphysical helpers. Elizabeth’s reading gave me information I did not know to ask for. It really gave me a boost in my intentional development and how to direct my energy more cleanly (clarity).

– C.M.

Elizabeth can do readings by phone but prefers to do them online via Zoom. If you choose, Elizabeth can make an MP3 recording of your reading for you to keep for $15.

Hillis Pugh

Psychic Medium, Lemurian Energy Worker and Reiki Practitioner

A Clairaudient Psychic Medium and intuitive consultant, certified through the Holistic Studies Institute, Hillis has been practicing for seven years. His purpose is to use his innate psychic and intuitive abilities to hear loved ones and guides and assist in raising each client’s personal vibration.

As a volunteer for the A.R.E. of NY Community, Hillis has often donated his mediumistic readings at Psychic Fairs, helping to bring clarity to people’s daily lives and souls.


All readings are done over the phone. First and foremost, your reading is about you. To complete the reading, Hillis requires a set of questions and photos—your most recent, clear photos (where eyes can be seen) of loved ones, yourself and /or anyone related to your questions, passed or living. These elements help to maintain the integrity and focus of the session.

As a client, you can expect the utmost confidentiality. In the one-hour or 30-minute session, Hillis will connect with your loved ones and/or spirit guides to bring forth messages and answer your questions–allowing for healing and clarity in your life.

His desire as a holistic practitioner is to use the gifts and tools he has been given, to empower others on their journey and let them know they are not alone. Hillis mentors each soul on their path—to lift them up so they can see what he sees, beyond the physical realm.

An energy facilitator, Hillis also works with modalities such as Reiki and Lemurian Light Energy, to co-create a deeper connection to the Soul. Hillis is one of just fifteen Lemurian Light Workers.

He says: “We work together in sacred exploration of your inner-space—to be expressed outwardly in a more satisfying, fruitful life for you.”


  • Mon, Wed, Fri – 3pm – 7pm
  • Tues, Thurs, Sat 9am – 6pm


  • 15 Minutes – $35
  • 30  Minutes – $85
  • 60 Minutes – $200

“I had the privilege of working with Hillis for a private psychic reading. Hillis provided a safe space to have a healing experience and provided so much insight into my connection with those who have passed and their messages for me. The private psychic reading with Hillis was very affirming and powerful. I like how I was given questions to answer beforehand which really helped to focus and guide our session together. A lot came out in my time and his intuition is spot on. It was a pleasure to work with Hillis and I highly recommend him.” – Jill H.

“I met Hillis at [an A.R.E. of NY] Psychic Fair…. He was very kind and offered me a reading as he was leaving for the day. I felt clearer mentally, and got some direction and confirmation. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in spiritual insight and connections to love ones who have passed on. Felt at ease! Happy to receive the confirmation.”  – Sherida S.

“I’ve had the pleasure to experience Hillis’ intuitive readings. I love how effective and truly eye-opening those sessions were for me. I appreciate all things meaningful and people whose energy is just so positive and overflowing with love. I was introduced to Hillis before I even knew that he did Spiritual Readings, I always loved being around him because his energy is so incredible and puts me in peace. So, when I found out Hillis also does spiritual practices, I had no second thought about it. I am so happy I did, because it helped a lot. I was very happy I attended the sessions and got a spiritual reading, it brought a lot of clarity to me about my life path. For anyone who’s feeling lost or generally tired. Honestly though, even if you feel just fine–still do it because, trust me, you will learn things you want and need to know, and grow even more spiritually. … What I loved about the sessions too, is that it’s a very balanced experience, taking you from various talks about everyday life to how it all connects with spirituality and universe. The sessions have helped me to become more aware, focused, and grateful. Huge thank you Hillis!!! You are the best!!!” – Soffia S.

“I heard of Hillis through Maha Rose Healing Center and I was curious about his work and his experience so I contacted him… Hillis is truly amazing! He is kind, generous and caring! I recommend Hillis to anyone who wants a different healing experience offered by an exceptional person. I love the follow-ups Hillis does to make sure I am in alignment with my path.” – Nassima L.

“I have worked with Hillis both as a colleague and a healer. He is a very humble, kind, generous spirit, and it shows in every area of his work. His readings are beyond accurate and truly get to the heart of the hidden elements that need to come to the surface for transformation. I was also blessed with the opportunity to receive a Lemurian healing session with Hillis, and he was able to help me find and successfully integrate a soul fragment that I had lost over 40 years ago. Hillis is non-judgmental, open, and honest. Wonderful to work with, and an amazing healer! His work is purely light-based and it shows!” – Mariah B.

“Hillis always arrives early for our sessions, which are always held in a well-appointed location with extensive amenities and excellent privacy. Once the session starts, that’s when the true magic begins! Hillis taps deeply into my energetic field to recount things that I did not even know about myself. Beyond his energetic facilitation gifts, he is extremely well-spoken and able to express what he feels in a manner that is easily understood and very relatable.

During our Lemurian Light Energy Work, I can very much feel Hillis correcting any abnormalities in my energetic field and leading me to manifest how I wish to—with gratitude and not by default. Hillis’ humility and patience in the face of difficult situations combined with his psychic strength and power make for powerful yet gentle energetic cleansing processes and psychic mediumship services. Overall, money well spent for such professional service and delivery.” – Peter Czech

Joan Carra

Psychic Medium

Joan offers guidance on matters of the heart and business matters — and can help you recognize and overcome the blocks to joy and satisfaction in your life.

A gifted medium, Joan can contact your loved ones who have left this Earth plane, and relay their messages to you. Her exceptional spiritual counseling has been recognized in seven books—including the first edition of The 100 Top Psychics in America, Interdimensional Universe and The Rational Psychic.

Also a teacher of Mediumship, Numerology, Palmistry, Animal Communications and Tea Leaf Reading, Joan has been interviewed in WAG Magazine, The Wall St. Journal, Metro NY, and The Daily News (where she predicted the flooding of NYC which came to pass during Hurricane Sandy). In 2000, Joan predicted on Channel 11 TV news that Hillary Clinton would not be America’s first woman president.

Joan Carra grew up in a metaphysical family. From her earliest days, she understood that psychic phenomena is natural, not “supernatural.”

More information about Joan can be found at www.psychicjoancarra.net

Joan is an exceptionally gifted, ethical and compassionate (oh and funny too) psychic-intuitive. She was able to help me with a very painful situation by providing clarity I could trust because of the detail and precision of her information. Even more validating, the next day, documents came into my possession confirming in (admittedly painful) detail her reading. This all is information I needed to determine a course of action– she’s the real deal.

Christine, PhD

This woman is the real. She actually read me via phone and her mediumship was unbelievably accurate. She connected to my loved ones on the other side and it was amazing what she picked up on!! I decided to see her again in person for a reading and weeks later what she told me was coming true! She is truly gifted! I’m always stunned by her. God Bless her always. Xoxoxo


I got my Mom a phone reading from Joan for her birthday. It was, without a doubt, the BEST gift I could have possibly given to her. She was overwhelmed with joy & comfort during and after the reading. Nothing compares to the peace & security you give someone when they hear their loved ones that have crossed over are well. I know my Mom will never forget her words & this experience. I am grateful that Joan shares her wonderful gift with all of us. I highly recommend her!!


Joan offers readings by phone.

Kev O’Kane

Psychic Medium

Rev Kev O’Kane, Spiritualist Minister, taps into the Akashic Records to seek your answers in his psychic/mediumistic readings. He also gets advice for you from your Guides and Angels, the Masters of the White Brotherhood and other entities of highest vibration. His readings pull the information requested from the 5th to the 8th dimension, depending upon who he is “talking” to at the time.

Kev says he mostly “knows” your answers; They are downloaded into him. Although he also sees many still or moving pictures and, on occasion, hears spoken words.

Kev is currently living in Ecuador, where the cost of living is far lower than in the U.S. As a result, he can pass the savings on to his clients by keeping his fees low.

A recording of the reading is included in the fee.

$60 for a one hour reading in person or by phone
$30 for a half hour by phone

Kev offers readings in-person or by phone.

Leonardo Cassara

Psychic and Intuitive Tarot Reader

Leonardo’s psychic and intuitive abilities developed as an outgrowth of his long connection with the Cayce work, including studies with Edgar Cayce’s A Search For God spiritual growth group material. These influences inspired Leonardo to incorporate a deeply spiritual approach into his psychic and tarot Readings.

A warm and compassionate guide, Leonardo uses the Tarot as a catalyst for insights into your life issues and spiritual growth. Many people look to Leonard for valuable life guidance.

“In January I had a consultation with you, and this was the most inspiring reading I have ever had. You said that good is coming my way, and by Spring time there will be changes. You assured me that by April, there will be changes at work for the best. I am happy to share with you that in April, I was offered a full time job in another dept. with some of the same job description you gave me. It is amazing. Also, this means that I will have full benefits and a pension, and I know there are lots more good to come. I know that God is working through you, and I Pray that God bless you for the good work you do.”

—Loyala Malliott

Leonardo offers readings by phone or in person.

Meher M

Psychic/Intuitive Channel, Astrology and Akashic Records, Bioenergy and Vedic Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, DNA Activation, Spiritual Coaching

Psychic/Intuitive Channel, Astrology and Akashic Records, Bioenergy and Vedic Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, DNA Activation, Spiritual Coaching:

Meher comes from a long lineage of Zoroastrian Priests,  and is a channel from a very young age.

She specializes in helping people with their life-purpose/ genetic-blueprint recognition and deepening using Astrology, Numerology, Channeling, Akashic Records; and her study of Vedic knowledge,  guiding you to walk this lifetime in the full Light of your True Self!

Meher facilitates you in having a dialogue with your subconscious, recognizing and healing its blind spots, and learning to manage your energy field; using reprogramming modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Inner child healing, Bioenergy and Vedic Healing, Reiki; so you can heal holistically inside and out; and continue to .

She is especially adept in working with highly sensitive people, ascension coaching and star-seed mentoring.

Below are the services offered. For more details go to this page.

Pick the time you need based on the description of the service and email the name of the service you are interested in to FireBearerWellness@Gmail.com

Psychic READINGS Time Slots::

  • 30 mins: $65
  • 60 mins: $125
  • 90 mins: $175
  • 120 mins: $200

Guidance with specific questions or concerns by lovingly channeling healing and uplifting messages from Your Spirit Guides, and the Archangels and Ascended Masters that work closely with her.

  • Akashic Records Reading min 1 hr,
  • Starseed Origins Reading min 1/2 hr,
  • Akashic Clearing min 1 hr,
  • Inner Child Healing min 1 hr,
  • Subconsious Reprogramming Session min 1 hr,
  • Astrology min 2 hrs,
  • Astorology Transit Chart min 1 hr,
  • Astrology Relationship compatibility min 1 hr,
  • Numerology min 1 hr,
  • Ancestral Healing min 1 hr,
  • Vedic Healing min 1/2 hr,
  • Tarot / Psychic / Angel Readings min 1/2 hr,
  • 12 Stand DNA Activation 1 hr,
  • 24 Stand DNA Activation 2 hrs


  • Certified Angel Tarot Reader
  • Certified Akashic Records Reader
  • Certified Vedic Healer
  • Certified Magnified Healer (DNA Healing and Karmic Rebalancing)
  • Certified Bio-energy, Chakra, Crystal and Reiki Healer
  • Certified Psychic Reader and Medium
  • Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis
  • Munay-Ki Rites of the Womb
  • Community Television Speaker
  • Spiritual classes
  • A decade of experience in the Medical Industry including working with the New York Dept. of Health


Email: FireBearerWellness@gmail.com


  • Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 6 – 10 pm EST
  • Readings: 30 mins: $65, 60 mins: $125, 90 mins: $175, 120 mins: $200

“I have never met an individual who is more dedicated to serving humanity one person at a time in the utmost selfless way. Her compassion, kindness, and authenticity is refreshing. Meher is truly an alchemist through mind, body, spirit, and soul.”

Nisha L.

“I have no words to describe how amazing my experience in the healing session was. It was totally new thing though I wasn’t sure in the beginning about it but as soon as she started I felt the power of what she was doing esp with those flashes as you were working near my head.

The energy it was something I cannot describe. Thank you for explaining about the light I saw and about the third eye and how I can work on opening it, I’m also feeling much more light in my Heart and will work on the throat opening that you mentioned. Thanks a lot dear and can’t wait to the next session”

Rania M.

“Thank you so much for the time you took to give me the healing sessions.

After my first session with you, I felt very light and happy. I could immediately feel the good effect of you working near my heart. After the second one when I cried so much, I couldn’t understand why, but thank you for explaining me that it was a release that had to happen. I felt more at peace soon after.

What you detected in my stomach in the next session was accurate because of the autoimmune disease I have had a very weak digestion. I listen to the video every right before bedtime as instructed and love how it helps me with my sleep. Can’t wait for our next session!”

Pooja S.

  • Akashic Records Reading min 1 hr,
  • Starseed Origins Reading min 1/2 hr,
  • Akashic Clearing min 1 hr,
  • Inner Child Healing min 1 hr,
  • Subconsious Reprogramming Session min 1 hr,
  • Astrology min 2 hrs,
  • Astorology Transit Chart min 1 hr,
  • Astrology Relationship compatibility min 1 hr,
  • Numerology min 1 hr,
  • Ancestral Healing min 1 hr,
  • Vedic Healing min 1/2 hr,
  • Tarot / Psychic / Angel Readings min 1/2 hr,
  • 12 Stand DNA Activation 1 hr,
  • 24 Stand DNA Activation 2 hrs

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Meher offers readings by phone, 14 different types of services and 4 different time slots.

Sharonah Rapseik

Psychic, Spiritual Healer, & Intuitive Life and Business Coach

Sharonah uses tarot cards to help you find answers to your questions on relationships, romance, wellness, career, life purpose and more. Along with tarot, Sharonah shares her knowledge of Edgar Cayce remedies, crystals, and essential oils, to provide powerful options for breaking through blockages, moving forward and taking the next steps in creating a new future of your own choice, that you love–and that is alignment with the light of your soul’s purpose.

Sharonah Rapseik has been my “go to” psychic reader for over 10 years. She gives insightful and accurate readings every time. She listens to you with her heart and mind. In addition to her vast wisdom of tarot, she also shares with you her profound knowledge of crystals, angels, essential oils, akashic records, Edgar Cayce remedies, Reiki and much, much, more. What are you waiting for – book a session with Sharonah right now.

— Harold David – New York, NY

A psychic reading with Sharonah is well worth the time and money spent. I am astounded by her gifts. She was able to connect me with my angels and give me peace of mind so that I could put an end to worries about career and abundance. She also helped me plan my life goals in a more effective way. I was able to manifest the job of my dreams and find my soul mate. I highly recommend Sharonah Rapseik. She is truly a gift from the Angelic Realms.

— Bella D. – Scarsdale, New, York

Sharonah offers readings by phone or Skype.

Tanya Soul

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Spiritualist Minister and Healer

Coming from a long genetic line of mediums, Tanya Soul developed mediumship and psychic abilities from a young age in her childhood in Russia.

“This Gift was given to me by God long ago, and has been with me ever since I can remember,” Tanya says. “Divine Spirit has always been in my blood.”

Tanya has been trained and certified as a Psychic-Medium, Séance Conductor, Healer, Spiritualist Minister and Intuitive Consultant with the Holistic Studies Institute. She also has a gift of Healing.

Tanya does readings by phone or Skype.